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    Product Overview


    Free Lay

    Kolay’s Acoustically Integrated LVT Free Lay® System is an innovative waterproof flooring that is installed the same way as a traditional Glue Down LVT, except the adhesive is only around the perimeter like a carpet tile installation. The natural beauty of wood, stone, marble, leather, cork, solid colors, basket weave or any image can be manufactured and installed, eliminating the need for any unattractive transitions between designs.



    This product can be installed loose lay ( Free Lay ) with either the attached pad or without using the Kolay Installation Instructions that can be found on the product page.

    You may encounter when pulling the planks out of the carton that the attached pad on certain planks may stick together causing the attached pad to " partially" release from the plank.  This is nothing to be concerned about, you have the option of completely removing the attached EVA foam backing or pressing it back onto the plank, or you can use a spray vinyl adhesive that can be purchased at any home center.

    EVA foam backing is only used to give the product more sound absorbment, the product can still be a  FREE LAY FLOOR without the attached EVA pad

    as stated in the Kolay Warranty

    Addition of the 1.5mm EVA foam pre-attached backing has no effect on Kolay’s overall warranty


    • The Easiest Floor To Install - 9 Inch Wide Planks - 48 Inches in Length - 5.5mm Overall Thickness
    • Must Take Entire Quantity For This Low Price
    • Pet Friendly and Hypoallergenic - Perfect for Any Room in the House - PHTHALATES Free
    • Loose Lay Installation - 100% Waterproof - Realistic Textured Finish
    • 25 Year Residential Warranty - Lifetime Waterproof & Pet Warranty
    Warranty Information
    25 Year Warranty
    This is a first quality product with factory warranty.
    Warranty Information
    25 Year Warranty
    This is a first quality product with factory warranty.