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    Product Overview


    Cleo flooring is a sustainable, waterproof flexible ceramic flooring product that comes in 35 fabulous designs and patterns from Congoleum Corporation. Congoleum, by the way, has been in the resilient business since 1886 and takes sustainability quite seriously as you'll learn below. The company manufactures its products in the United States.

    Why Flexible Ceramic?

    This is what makes Cleo Home unlike any other product! It's an alternative to ceramic with the flexibility normally associated with resilient flooring.

    Resilient by the way refers to products that wear well over time and offer give. These products can come in sheets, tiles, and planks. As a result of the flexibility, they tend to be comfortable for standing on for long periods of time as that slight cushioning reduces shock on the legs, the feet and the back. Resilient flooring tends to reduce noise.

    However, Cleo Home is manufactured completely differently and more like ceramic tile. The base consists of stone that is created with heat and intense pressure. The vivid surface visuals happen in the same way.

    The end result is flexible ceramic that is warmer on the feet than ceramic; it won’t crack or break when dishes drop on it; it's comfortable to stand on and offers magnificent visuals. And, more important, it's amazingly sustainable.


    • This is a heavy duty floor - Each Plank Measures 7"x48" Wide - 4mm Thick 
    • Perfect For Kitchens, Basements, Bathrooms Commercial Settings & More!
    • Easy Maintenance - Commercial Grade Scratch Resistant Wear Surface - 100% Waterproof!
    • Full Spread Glue Down - Easy Installation
    • First Quality - 1 Year Factory Warranty
    Warranty Information
    1 Year Factory Warranty
    First Quality - 1 Year Factory Warranty
    Warranty Information
    1 Year Factory Warranty
    First Quality - 1 Year Factory Warranty