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    Product Overview

    The All America Collection posses extraordinary colors and designs that are bound to be the centerpeice of any room. These planks are manufacturered with intracate state of the art machinery that puts the graining and design above the rest. Each plank is embossed in register (EIR) meaning there is authentic wood look graining and design no matter where your eyes wonder. If you can see a knot, you can feel a knot. 


    This 7" x 60"  Waterproof Vinyl Plank with Attached Pad are the height of trendy neutral style, while rigid core vinyl is designed to handle everything life can throw at it. Rigid Core technology is 100% waterproof and great for active families with extra resistance against impact, staining, scratching, and wear. The Stunning Stone Elegance discount vinyl flooring also features a premium attached pad for maximum sound absorbtion and clicks together for easy installation. 


    Each plank is 60 inches long and 7 inches wide with 5 millimeter vinyl thickness and 1.5 millimeter attached pad thickness. Each carton contains 8 planks and 23.72 square feet of flooring. 


    We buy first quality discontinued and closeout flooring from some of the top brands in the industry. By paying only a fraction of the retail price, we get great discounted flooring and pass those incredible savings on to you! Floors To Your Home makes it easy to save big on top quality flooring without compromising your time or your budget.


    Acclimating is the pre-installation process of letting flooring materials become accustomed to the environment where they will spend their life. Vinyl plank flooring has become common among homeowners and property managers due to their versatility and durability. Most vinyl prank will require acclimation to ensure the longevity of your floors. The period within which you will acclimate your floor depends on various factors such as the material of your ideal flooring, geographic location, current temperatures, and humidity, and expected climate changes.


    Importance of Acclimating

    All vinyl plank flooring has a high density fie core which is porous, even when it looks solid. The tiny spaces allow air to penetrate to the core bringing in a substantial level of humidity. In high humidity, the pranks are bound to swell while in low humidity, the planks will shrink. Although the expansion and contraction may appear negligible, it could cause buckles in the snug locking systems and gaps on the floor. Furthermore, cold weather conditions affect the drying and curing process causing the flooring to become stiff, brittle, and difficult to work with.


    Leaving the vinyl plank on the floor for the recommended 48 hours in places you intend to install them allows the planks to unify with the room temperatures and humidity levels. This ensures that you do not have to put transition strips at the doorway or breaks in open spaces hence a free-flowing floor.


    This Product is a drop and lock/Fold Down Installation System. Super easy to install. Please see instructions in the PDF down below.


    • Rigid SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Each Plank Measures 60" Long - 7" Wide - 6.5mm Overall Thick + 1.5 MM IXPE Attached Pad = 6.5mm Overall Thickness
    • 100% Waterproof - 20 mil Wear layer - Great For Active Families - Easy Click Together Installation
    • Stone Composite Core with Painted Bevel - Rigid Core Hides Subfloor Imperfections
    • 1.5mm Thick Attached IXPE Pad Provides Great Sound Absorption
    • Overstock / Closeout  10 Year Warranty
    Warranty Information
    Overstock / Closeout 10 Year Warranty
    This is a overstock closeout product with a 10 year warranty
    Warranty Information
    Overstock / Closeout 10 Year Warranty
    This is a overstock closeout product with a 10 year warranty