Who's ready to save big on Black Friday?

Posted on Apr 28th 2022 by David — Comments ↓

We're all about great savings year-round at Floors To Your Home, but this Black Friday we're going all out to bring you the hottest sales, the biggest discounts, and the best doorbusters you can imagine! Our low prices on our huge selection of hardwood, laminate, porcelain tile, and waterproof LVT & vinyl plank flooring are going even lower!

How low can we go? Over 50% off retail price! Let's repeat that one more time for the people in the back: OVER 50% OFF RETAIL PRICE!

That means that our lowest discount will be 50%, most are higher, many much higher. We've gone as far as 95% off retail pricing (yes, really!)

In addition, for the duration of our Black Friday sale we will take an extra 5 cents off per square foot, and we will definitely run special, timed Super Deals throughout the weekend.

This is what they look like!

But…but…that's crazy. It can't be done, right? They can't be serious.

Oh, it can, and we are! If you're in Indianapolis, stop by our retail store at 4640 Lafayette Road. For our customers nationwide, click above to shop our amazing deals and chat live with our trained customer service representatives, or give us a call at 1-800-804-5251. We're committed to helping you pick out the perfect flooring at the perfect price, and there's never been a better time to shop! Set your alarms, brew that coffee extra strong, and come spend your Black Friday with Floors To Your Home!  

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