The Right Floor for your Family.

Posted on Jan 17th 2011 by David — Comments ↓

Make sure you purchase the floor that is best for your family. When choosing a type of flooring, there are various factors to consider, including the age of your children, environmental concerns, economics, durability and longevity, surface denting and scratching, and acoustic and thermal insulation.

Kingsmill Hardwood

Kingsmill Hardwood flooring works great anywhere, and easily fits with any décor.  It is very strong, durable, affordable, looks amazing, and adds tremendous value to your home. Wood flooring warms up even the coldest of rooms, and creates an inviting atmosphere to any interior design.  Enhanced through improvements in technology, new sealants and finishes have strengthened the durability and longevity of quality hardwoods like the Kingsmill Line. This hardwood is scratch and dent resistant, can handle constant traffic, and tough even when heavy objects are dropped or placed on it.

Kingsmill Hardwood is the perfect choice where environmental issues are a consideration. Hardwood is a renewable and recyclable resource, it is resistant to dirt, pollen, dust, and other harmful allergens.  It is also easy to clean and maintain. There are no grout lines which gather harmful chemicals or allergens, making for a healthier, more beautiful home environment for the entire family.

Supreme Click Laminate Flooring

Supreme Click Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for your home. It is suitable for any room in your home and will look amazing for many years. The construction and qualityof this flooring make itextremely durable, excellent for extreme conditions like heavy foot traffic, children, or pets, and it is easy to install.

When properly maintained, Supreme Click provides for a much cleaner and healthier living environment.  It does not retain residual stain contaminants on the surface, and accumulates less dust, pet dander, and allergens compared to other flooring options.  Supreme Click is extremely economical when considering the cost of alternate flooring solutions. It is highly resistant to stains, fading and moisture, and is supported with a 50 Year or Lifetime Warranty.

Supreme Click Vinyl Plank Flooring

Supreme Click Vinyl Plank flooring has all the design benefits of real hardwood floors, but can stand up to extreme abuse which damages most types of flooring offers  Our success with Supreme Click Vinyl is due to its waterproof scratch resistant durability, low cost real wood appearance, and simple maintenance.

Supreme Click Vinyl is suitable for any area in your home.  It is waterproof, and will not harbor mold and mildew. Supreme Click Vinyl flooring will not be harmed by accidental spills, children playing, pets, or stains. This durability makes it a perfect choice for a child’s room, family room, rec room, play room and/or basement.

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