Save some dough and do-it-yourself

Posted on Mar 4th 2010 by David — Comments ↓

Most of the cutomers that come to our store location (formerly called Mr. Wisebuys) are trying to make their home look beautiful without spending alot of dough. They find the perfect flooring choice than ask how much is installation. The average cost for installation of hardwood or laminate flooring is around $2.00 a square foot. Since the 95% of the flooring we sell is less than $2.00 a square foot the customer freaks out or ask for other options. The other option is to do-it-yourself.

Almost all laminate flooring is click together and involves absolutely no glue. Since no glue is needed the installation process is very easy. I would say at least 45% of our customers have no mechanical or construction knowledge. In fact before I started working here I was one of those people. Before I began installing my new floor, I was scared that installation would be difficult and that I would move into my new home with no flooring. After talking with Brian Kahn, owner, I was ready to embark on the flooring project. He was able to give me step by step instructions and was valuable resource which boosted my confidence. With no construction experience, in fact I had never even used a saw, I was able to complete the project in two days.

For all of you novices out there wanting to save some money and make your wife happy, buy laminate flooring. You will feel like a master craftsman when you are done and your home will look beautiful. For anyone that has installed laminate flooring do you have any tips?

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