Our New Video Series: DON'T DO THIS!

Posted on Jul 15th 2014 Posted by David — Comments ↓

We're going to be doing some fun and interesting videos in the near future, called "DON'T DO THIS!" because the things we're going to film? You shouldn't do them. Basically, these will be stress tests on our products. Some will be things you can do without hurting your floor, many things you can't do without hurting your floor, but all things you shouldn't do regardless.

Our most recent two, and the first to be titled, came from a question by one of our customers on our Facebook page. He asked us, regarding resistance to cigarette burns, if the flooring making such claims is so burn proof that if a cigarette was dropped onto the floor for a little bit, it wouldn't hurt the floor in any way. I looked at our warranties and checked those of other products, and the only phrase I could find connected at all was "Resistant to cigarette burns". No specifics, no tests, no figures. So I told the guy that we would do our own test and make a video about it.

Now it turns out that cigarettes now have a safety feature, where if the thing is left alone, it goes out. It stops burning. This is to keep people from falling asleep and setting themselves on fire (Important safety feature, thanks Egon), which I favor, but it meant that we had to do this near a breezy warehouse entrance. The air movement helped keep the foul little things alight. Hopefully our ciggies burnt longer than anyone else's would be able to do.

Now we wanted to make sure you understood that laminate really does still burn - it's flammable - so our warehouse manager, Ricky, brought out his propane torch. DON'T DO THIS! It's not just the title, it's the point.

    We have actually done two other tests in the past which could be said to be progenitors of this series. They are as much not prequels of DON'T DO THIS! as the movie Prometheus is not a prequel to the Alien series. One was a test on whether Tuff Guy Freedom would expand or contract with extreme temperature changes.

(Actually, I think we made this the same day as the two above. Why didn't I just put it in the series?)

Another we did at the end of last year, testing the "waterproofness" of our first waterproof floor, Supreme Click Elite Waterproof Vinyl Plank. We stuck pieces of it into an aquarium for a few days, along with some less than waterproof stuff.

  And you could say this is one too. It's not really a test, but it is in the spirit of the DON'T DO THIS! series, so I gave it the name, though it doesn't have our fun, screamy titles at the start.

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I'll get one these out as often as I can. I'd like to say I can do them weekly, but one must gather materials - fireworks, boxes of thumbtacks, buckets of acid - so I can't promise a schedule. If you want to be sure to catch these as they are made, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking this button:

In the mean time, what would you like to see us try out? What sounds fun?

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