Introducing New Backsplash Tile

Posted on Apr 28th 2022 by Meredith — Comments ↓

For weeks at Floors To Your Home, we’ve been gearing up for our Next Big Thing, and we’re proud to announce it’s here! We’ve built our reputation on offering great flooring at unbelievable low prices. Now, we’re expanding to include beautiful backsplash tiles! A superb upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom, still at the unbeatable discount price you expect when you buy from from Floors To Your Home.   Glass Banner   Mango decorative glass tile is available in a stunning array of patterns, textures, and colors, ranging from the ethereal to the traditional. Even burnished metal gets in on the fun to create a clean, modern look like the Mango Stainless Sparkle Penny that’s ideal for those who favor a more minimalist aesthetic.   [caption width="2000" align="aligncenter"] Mango Stainless Sparkle Penny Tile Sheet[/caption]   Ideal for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, each Mango decorative glass tile sheets feature mesh backing and uniform design for easy installation. The variety is undeniable! Matte textured tiles are reminiscent of sea glass collected by the shore, while lovely prismatic hues shine through others, reflected delicately through their crackled pattern. Still others, like the Denver Grey (bottom left), have rough-hewn stone, while the Bristol Snow (bottom left) features touches of marble. Of course, variety isn’t just limited to color or texture! In addition to the strip pattern, Mango tile sheets come in herringbone patterns like the black Sherlong Night Herringbone (top right) and the Sherlong Cream Herringbone (top left) that add an extra final touch.   glass-backsplash   The possibilities start with your imagination!   Marble Banner   Mango’s range of tile sheets includes more than just glass. Few building materials give off a luxurious aura as effortlessly as marble. It’s smooth, timeless, and beautiful. We’re delighted to offer a selection of genuine marble tile sheets that are durable and versatile enough to be used as flooring or backsplash tile. From left to right: Mango Milton Mountain Herringbone, Mango Flowerpot Island White, Mango Miami Sands.   marbles   Do you have questions about how Mango tile sheets can enhance your home? Visit or call 1-800-804-5251 to speak with one of our flooring experts today!