Did You Know This? Flooring Links on Fighting Allergies and Water this Fall and Winter

Posted on Nov 11th 2011 Posted by FTYH Staff — Comments ↓

Allergy-Proof Floor

As Fall hits us in the face, we have two misanthropic phenomena with which to deal, allergies and related breathing issues, and tracked in water. Here are some links to posts you might find helpful in these areas.     Medical Daily writes a piece called Home Improvement Tips to Fight Allergies and Asthma, on many things you can do in and around your home to make breathing easier.     Floor Covering Installer has posted an article about keeping the air quality clean and fresh while installers are doing their work. In case they don't know these things, check them out and then you can make sure that they keep your lungs in mind while they do their work.   [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Muddy, wet paws vs. cleanliness."]Muddy, wet paws vs. cleanliness.[/caption]

It's a little shameless to self-plug, but I put two pieces together at the beginning of the year that are pretty timely, all about avoiding the issues water can inflict upon your flooring due to winter weather. Part one deals with tracked in snow, water and such. Part two goes over general weather preparation and regular maintenance you should consider during the winter months.       Finally, from our friend Drew, who posts sort of everywhere, a piece on what to do if you already have to repair water damage on your flooring.

  Hey, I hope these are helpful for you!