A Review: Why Easy Installation Matters (even if you hire installers!)

Posted on Apr 28th 2022 by David — Comments ↓

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We have a little box on our website that invites reviews, comments, complaints, musings and/or favorite recipes. We get some positive feedback. Usually it's about our customer service or how nice the floors looked after a customer installed them. We also get some negative feedback, often on issues with our website. We're glad to get all of it. The positive comments make us feel successful. The negative ones, even when they're man, those help us become successful.


At the end of last week, we got this comment from an installer. Look what he says right in the middle...

Floors and More Review

We have always known that an easier installation would save folks money even on professional installations, but now we've heard it from the source. Most of our flooring is Do-It-Yourself friendly, and that's one of the ways people save money. But even if you know that you're going to hire skilled experts to put in your flooring, if savings is a big concern, consider the ease of installation. These people know flooring well enough to factor this into their calculations. Even if they don't mention why, an easier to install floor should lead to a lower estimate.

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