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Did You Know This? Flooring Links on Colors, Tools, Installation and Goo-Gone

There are plenty of good things being written on other weblogs that touch on, or complement, our focus on floors. Every now and then, I'll post a few, and tell you why I think they are worth reading. This is my first, and while it's a little more on the nose than I think they will eventually be, I still think you'll like what these people have to say.

    • Your Home Color Palate. First is a piece on the impact color has on a room. The author, "alizak", doesn't simply say 'This color means this, and that one means that' from his or her own personal aesthetics. Instead, she/he refers to the results of studies on how these colors really tend to impact people. There are some good images, so you can test the impact on yourself. Nice article.
  • Designer Tips for Finding a New Floor. This article from the Armstrong hardwood flooring company about touches on specific considerations to take into account as you begin to look specifically at new flooring.
  • Pre-installation Troubleshooting Checklist. This article has some things you should check, or make sure your installer checks, before an installation is even started.The online magazine, Floor Covering Installer, requires free registration, but it's worth it because their articles are so good. Most are aimed at floooring industry insiders, but a lot of what they write has application to the home owner. In registering, they'll ask what your industry is. I've created a dummy account where I clicked 'other' all the way down, and when asked, entered 'Flooring Customer' in the blanks that appeared. That was accepted.
  • Removing Sticky Residue. Finally, a practical, helpful tip: "Goo-Gone" alternatives for removing sticky residue.