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Did You Know This? Flooring Links on Basics for Starting Your Floor Search

Did You Know This?  Flooring Links on Basics for Starting Your Floor Search

 A kitchen pictured on Cheryl's site.

First things first...

There is an interior designer named Cheryl. Since I like Cheryl's stuff, my first suggestion is hers, called 5 Ways to Wow in your New Kitchen. We tend to focus on flooring here, and she's looking at just about everything else in the room, all of which matters. Best thing, she does it with the verve she recommends above.


Some Basics on Two Popular Floors

 Monticello Marble Laminate Flooring

Originally titled LVT? No such thing! and now just called "Installing Vinyl Tile", this piece may be useful if you will be hunting for vinyl flooring. We know you're not looking only at our site, and that the term Luxury Vinyl Tile is a popular one. Well, it's also not a very specific term, and can cause problems for installers who don't know exactly what it is you have. Written to installers and contractors, this article is a bit technical, especially for the first three paragraphs, after which the 4th reassuringly begins, "Confused? Imagine how people who are not in the floor covering industry feel." It may help you make an important distinction if you will hire out your installation, so you can be sure to have things set up properly for your workers.

From the same online magazine, we have Understanding Ceramic Looks in Laminate Flooring. It probably should be called "A Tip on Installing a Ceramic Look Laminate Floor". The stone and ceramic looks in laminate floors really are amazing. If you see a picture of one you like (or don't believe) get a sample. They're impressive to look at directly. The advantages they have over real stone are that they don't chip when things fall onto them, they are easier to install, and are much warmer to walk upon. Disadvantages are water based. Real stone works in places like the bathroom, but we rarely recommend putting a laminate floor in such a steamy, potentially wet place. The linked article points to a few steps to take when installing to enhance the genuineness of a tile looking laminate floor.


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